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Chairman: Shri Sachin Balkrishna Khadpe
Secretary: Shri Suresh Sakharam Pujare
Treasurer: Shri Sanjeev Vasudev Velankar​


Chairman: Shri Suresh Shivram Kelkar
Secretary: Shri Sunil Chandrakant Khadpe
Treasurer: Shri Pramod Padmakar Lalit


Shri Prakash Dhondu Pujari, Rameshwar
Shri Prakash Dattatray Bomdi, Girye
Shri Anil Raghunath Pujare, Girye

Marketing and Social Partner

Dr. Abhishek Prakash Pujari, Green Earth Enterprise, Mumbai
Mr. Aditya Prakash Pujari, Green Earth Marketing, Mumbai


Shri Suresh S. Kelkar - 9423217075
Shri Sachin B. Khadpe - 9423303616
Shri Prakash D. Pujari - 9421543773, 9892200863

For queries related to this blog contact:Dr. Abhishek Prakash Pujari - 9892250334
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Official Website - Announcement

We are glad to announce the opening of the official website of Shri Dev Rameshwar Temple.

Visit us at :

The website is managed by Green Earth Enterprise

The main aim of this website is to increase donations for the development and refurbishment of the temple building and its surrounding area as well as promote tourism to increase the revenue of the temple management. The details for donations is mentioned on the contact page of the website.

We are also planning to open a shop called "The Merchandise" for sale of products related to the temple. The listed products will also be available online

This website also features a list of donors who have already contributed for the temple's development. This list will be updated regularly. A list of members from the management and other committees is also provided on the members page. Apart from this, local and regional events will also be enlisted on the website. There is a separate page for images in the form of a gallery as well as direct links to this blog on the blog page.

Keep in touch with us for more upcoming features.

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